Monday, August 2, 2010

A Sad Farewell

My in-laws left for Dallas yesterday and it was a very sad day. They are moving to Dallas because of a job transfer and though they have moved many times in there life this move is especially sad - - for obvious reasons. They have been in Irvine for 19 years now and in the same house for most of that time. They raised two beautiful kids, made countless friends, and welcomed two grandsons here. And though this is a sad time it's important for all f us to look at the bright side and the future: Peter still has a great job in this bad economy, Texas is only a three hour flight away, they have purchased the most beautiful house in a brand new area, and Isaac has really enjoyed learning the saying "Yee Ha"!! :) At their going away party, we all dressed up in cowboy attire and ate BBQ. What a fitting send off! The boys wore the cutest cowboy shirts that Marian and Peter picked up for them in Dallas

Marian and Peter -we love you! We'll miss you!! Can't wait to see you on Labor Day! And don't worry - Adam is going to teach me Skype and then you will see the boys all the time!!

See you soon Nana and Grandpa!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!

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