Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Class

I signed Isaac up for a new city class -gymnastics. And he doesn't like it......he LOVES it! And why wouldn't he. It's the perfect class for high energy kids. He gets to jump around, crawl and run through an obstacle course, bounce on trampolines, and play it ball pits. It was so much fun to watch him and what made it even better was that he was the only kid in the class. I have no idea why but we were the only people that showed up so Isaac got all the attention. I hope nobody shows up again this week!!!

And we can't forget about Caleb!


rachael said...

So fun! Iris and Jonas have been doing gymnastics through CM parks and rec for a while now. They LOVE it too!!! It's been so great for them to run around and get their yayas out =) Your boys are getting so big!

Mom said...

How perfect - run, jump, bounce, tumble and it's all okay. Life is great