Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Play Date

I recently had a play date at the house and almost every mom that I knew came. It was so much fun. Isaac had 8 friends there adn let me tell you that 9 kids in one house is a lot!! fortunately it was warm outside so we moved the party to our grass area in front of the house -which worked out perfectly. I know Isaac had so much fun and so did I. It's so nice catching up with other moms -exchanging tips, venting, and sharing laughs!

Now- doesn't this look like a fun bunch!

(BTW -Iris was nice enough to hold Isaac in for this picture thankfully. Isaac refused to stay sitting -everytime I put him down he just turned on his knees to crawl away! )

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok - my son is just the cutest!!! We had to wake him up from a nap the other day and found him all scrunched up into one side of his big bed. He looks so uncomfortable and yet so peaceful!

So peaceful!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After many attempts to go to Disneyland and actually ride on rides -we finally did! since Isaac has been born we have tried to go to Disneyland several times but it's never worked out. Usually we tried to meet friends during the week and then there was always too much traffic and/or Isaac didn't take good naps that just never worked out. But this last Sunday it did! We left after his 2nd nap, got there in record time, and rode on three rides! YEAH!!! I was so happy. We went on Snow White at Disneyland and Flick's Flying ride and Himlik's train ride at California Adventure. Though he wasnt' smiling or laughing I think Isaac enjoyed it. It was a completely different experience for him so I think it will take a few times to get use to but he didn't cry or wasn't sacred so that was great!!! Adam and I look forward to many more wonderful trips to Disneyland with him! :)
Going on Snow White

Going on Himlik's train ride

Us waiting in line

In our flying box ready to take off on Flick's flying ride

Flying took Isaac off guard for a minute!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Working Out

As many of you know Isaac is at my parent's house three days a week while I am working. And you may think that the days at grandma and grandpa's house would be filled with only relaxation and fun -but you would be wrong. My dad has already started Isaac out on a workout routine and is teaching him the importance of weight lifting. It's never too young to teach he about fitness is what my dad likes to say. As you can see he is a good apprentice!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feed himself

Being the big boy that he is -Isaac can also feed himself. Well hot dogs, waffles, and string cheese. It is really the cutest thing watching him grab the food and put it in his mouth with his whole hand -sometimes both hands :)

Big Boy

Isaac has grown leaps and bounds -it's truly amazing. His new trick is pulling himself up on....well just about everything. And he is so proud of himself too!!!

Random Pics

Isaac is already such an advanced, and highly intelligent child. He has already begun to read the newspaper!

Isaac with his cousins Mia and Nicholas. I'm so thankful that he has cousins so close by and as they grow older they can actually be close friends.