Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 months old today!!!!!!!!!

Isaac is 6 months old today! Can you believe it? Serious, where does the time go?!? Isaac has grown to be the most happy baby! He is a pure joy. He loves to play and go outside -he is quite an observer! He is great in new situations -just sits back, takes it all in, and then joins in the fun. He is not afraid to be held by anyone -even new people. He is a very loving boy. We are also noticing he can be very stubborn -like his mother! He knows how to roll over and within the last two days has learned to sit up very well. He is truly an advanced child!! :)

Isaac's friends

Isaac has been so blessed as to be born into a wonderful network of friends thanks to our bible study. In our bible study most everyone has kids -the oldest being 7 and the youngest 2 months old. It's so fun when we all get together with the kids. Everyone has a blast and Isaac loves watching the older kids play. You can just see in his eyes that he is dying to get out there with them and run around. Won't be too long!!

Closest to his age our Jonas Woodall -7 months- (4th pic,he has an older sister Iris- 2years-(3rd pic), Cora Jane Lawson -10 months- (last pic), Alice Howards-who turned 1 year old on Halloween (1st pic) and the newest addition to our group is Noah McCoy -2 months-(2nd pic). Cora and Eli Lawson (2 years) are Isaac's God-siblings (4th pic). Other friends I didn't have pics of are the Domino kids -Cole (7 years), Hayden (5 years), and Sofia (3 years). How truly blessed he is to have so many good friends already!!!

Picking out our Christmas tree

Every year since we have been married, Adam and I go to Peltzer Pines Christmas tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. And this year was Isaac's first time so naturally we took a lot of pics. We got a great tree and will be picking it up next week! As you can see from the pics I was carrying Isaac in the Moby Wrap -which he loves! Some nice ladies passed us as we were looking and couldn't help but stop and admire how cute Isaac was. They had Santa hats on them and offered to let us borrow them for some cute people. How nice was that!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Swing

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was great. We started a new tradition by bringing both our families' together for dinner and it turned out to be so much fun. Isaac was adorable -as you can see - and we all had a wonderful time and were fully stuffed at the end!

However it was when we got home that the adventure truly began for Adam and I. Isaac has been sick the past few days so he hasn't been sleeping well. On top of the excitement of last night he was having a even harder time falling asleep. To help Adam and I brought out his swing (Old Stand By as I like to call it because it puts him to sleep in seconds) - but that turned out to be a mistake. Because Isaac was having such a hard time going to sleep he started to toss and turn and well...the poor thing tossed and turned he way out of the swing and on to the floor with a thud! Oh it was so sad!!! He did recover quickly and we are quite sure there is no permanent damage! :) But sadly we know feel we must retire Old Stand By until the next baby or until we give it to the Good Will.
Good bye Old Stand By...we will sincerely miss you!!! ( see the picture above of the swing in it's glory days)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am in a book club and I LOVE book club. Not only do I get to read great, interesting books (most of the time), but I get to hang out with my girl friends at least once a month for discussion and chatting!

This month we read Twlight and last night we went to see the movie. Oh my Lord it was so painful to watch!! Now I didn't enjoy the book at all so I wasn't expecting much anyway...but oh dear Lord! It was so awful! Actually I take that was awful for me. I'm not a big romance kinda girl so all the lovey dovey talk really makes me sick. But besides that I was not the intended audience for this movie's or the book's for that matter. This is for young, teenage girls. And I do think if I was 14 years younger I would have loved this book and movie. But as I am not 14 years old, I was literally trying to entertain myself through the movie by texting Adam. A lot of girls in my book club did like the book though -for it's romance and because it was a fun, simple read. Maybe it's just me!!! Oh well - at least I got out of the house for a few hours. That's rare!!!

Halloween 2008

Isaac's 1st Halloween. We dressed up 50's theme -Adam and Isaac were greasers and I was a pink lady. We went to a friends house for a Halloween party with the kids and went to my brother and sister-in laws house for the actual Halloween night.
Top left is a pic of our bible study group at the Halloween party!

Isaac's Dedication

This is Isaac's dedication to the Lord on Oct. 26th, 2008 at church. Isn't he cute! He did so well -no crying or fussing. Just watching everyone!


So today was not so fun for little Isaac. He woke up with the sniffles, he has a second tooth that is about to come in at any moment, and he got 6 vaccinations today. Poor little guy. I'm so glad God wipes all of this from our memory!

Interesting thing did happen today -Adam was on the phone with Chase for over an hour today trying to get a hold or a forbearance on our 2ND load. But nobody could help him. He got passed to seven different people! Finally he got one nice lady that took his information and said she would find the person he needed to talk to and would call him back. Well not only did the lady find the correct person to call us back but we found out that it took her 2 hours to find this person!!! In her own company it took that long! Apparently she was so frustrated that she told her manager and her manager also called Adam to apologize and to confirm that someone had gotten back to him! Can you believe it! So for seven people that will blow you off there is one person that will take the time to help you!! So if you are ever in a similar situation with customer service -don't get frustrated...just wait for that seventh person! Oh and isn't interesting that the number seven in our Lord's holy number....interesting....provocative!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This year has truly been one with extreme highs and extreme lows for our family. This year was the birth of our beautiful son Isaac and has been full of all the joys and amazing blessings that he has brought with him. But in the past few months, we have been bombarded with some awful circumstances and events. We agonized over the decision of whether I would continue to work full time after Isaac was born for months. We finally decided that I should quit my job and be a stay at home mom. Our rationale: you only live once, your son is only this little once, and for me to be home with him and raising him is worth the sacrifice in income and life style. We also decided it was worth our townhouse -without my income we could no longer afford our mortgage payments. We felt/feel good about our decision. We are fine living in an apartment again if it comes to that -though we are still praying that we can strike a deal with the bank to modify our loan.

Then the unpleasant part of the year struck -Adam got laid off with severance! We just went from two incomes to none in one month. This was a huge blow to us, as you can imagine. If it were just Adam and I that would be one thing, but having Isaac changes everything. Now we have to pay for third party insurance (which FYI is not cheap) and go on a VERY strict budget.

In the end I know God will provide for us and He will work this situation out for us. Adam has already filed for unemployment and amazingly we got a very quick response. Adam has had a number of really great interviews -one in particular that seems to be panning out. Most of all, Adam is a very hard working, resourceful guy and I know God will grant him a job soon. As for me, I am going to pick up jobs babysitting and doing various other random things to bring home extra income. Though Adam losing his job was awful to us financially it still hasn't deterred us from our goal to have me stay home with Isaac. Raising our son is most important to us.

We are also blessed with the most loving and amazing family and friends that will and do help us at a moments notice. So through it all God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful to Him for our lives and all the blessings in it!!!!

I promise that remaining postings will not be so serious!!! :)